Auction Defense

Fellow Auctioneers and auction enthusiasts,
Your help is needed!

Recently there have been several pieces of legislation proposed that,
if passed in their original form,
would have been devastating to the auction industry in Florida.
Only through advanced notice and decisive action
have auctions and auctioneers been protected from this onslaught
of detrimental legislation.
For auctions to continue to be protected it is necessary
to have eyes and ears in Tallahassee to monitor
what our friends in office come up with, in time to explain
and hopefully avert harmful repercussions.
To this end I am asking for donations
of items to be auctioned and or financial donations
to defend this industry.
Your help is not only necessary
if we are to avoid ill-conceived legislation
proposed by ill-advised politicians,
it is greatly appreciated.
By banding together with donations as small as $10
we can make our voices heard.

If you can donate items for a series of auctions
contact me at (904) 838-1575 or make any financial donations to:

Brewer Auction Defense
c/o Roy Brewer
4124 SW CR 18
Ft. White Fl.

Please help me in this endeavor to preserve
and enhance the auction industry
in the state of Florida.

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph
is for good men to do nothing!"

I thank you for any help you can offer,
Roy J Brewer Jr. !